Types of Programs

Outreach Programs Geared Towards Sensitizing and Improving Stakeholder Knowledge and Skills

Community outreach is one of the ways in which we connect with the community at large to challenge the taboos and stigmas surrounding mental health and addiction. Our outreach programs are customized for our audiences and work to ensure that all stakeholders have a say in the design and creation process for our programs.

The outreach programs are geared toward encouraging people to understand and clarify their views on mental health and addiction; and if necessary, seek early help, thereby reducing harm. Addiction Outreach Programs have been created in line with the National Action Plan on Drug Demand Reduction (Government of India) and also with state- and district-wide outreach programs.

Developing Literature for the Public Domain

Tripta Foundation provides accurate and actionable information and literature to the public domain to those seeking help for mental health and addiction-related issues. We understand that our clients and their caregivers are dealing with serious issues that need the right kind of help at the appropriate time.

We publish literature on subjects ranging from mental health conditions to treatment options and best practices in the field. Self-help literature is also made available to help our clients and the public to continue on the path to recovery when they are not in treatment. The public domain literature is also made available to researchers and academics to drive more actionable research.

Public Policy Development

Through our work with our clients and research in the community, we aim to become a source of reliable and data-driven information to influence policy formulation at the state and national levels. We intend to work with like-minded organizations and institutions to create an impact assessment mechanism for current initiatives and provide viable options and alternatives for policymakers to consider.

Online Counseling

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