means not just physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness - but also social inclusion.



The idea behind Tripta was born of the chaotic rush for mental wellness services that arose in our post-pandemic world - when the demand for experienced mental health professionals and well-equipped treatment facilities far outstripped availability. In addition to moving the needle on the public’s perception of addiction and mental health, Tripta offers a data-driven, whole-person approach that treats each person uniquely. In Sanskrit, Tripta means 'bliss, satisfaction, and contentment' - a feeling our clients carry home with them after treatment.

According to the All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) report “Magnitude of Substance use in India” (2019), approximately 1 in 10 Indians suffers from emotional distress and/or mental illness, both of which play a role in substance abuse and addiction. Making things worse, the lack of adequate treatment programs and facilities for those suffering from mental health and addiction means that the problem remains in a festering state.

Keeping in view the magnitude of the problem and the paucity of mental health and addiction treatment facilities, our founders saw the need to create a space where affordable, high-quality services could be provided to those in need by qualified and trained personnel without any form of discrimination.

Tripta focuses on not just physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness but also - and very critically - social inclusion. While prevalent therapy models focus on modifying behavior without addressing the root cause or environmental factors, we offer holistic care focusing on the whole person, including the active participation of family members and significant others.

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